QuiqLite Pro

New QuiqLitePro has been compleatly redesigned for better form and function as the worlds only hands-free conceald light source for your unform shirt or tactical vest.

QuiqLitePro has unique features offering frm 10 up to 20 lumens of light on demand with a push of a button. With QuiqLitePro's adjustable light arm you can set your perfect lighting angle without having to hold a flashlight in your hand, under your arm or between your cheek and shoulder. QuiqLitePro will make your job easier and safer without afecting your night vision!

QuqLitePro is easy to use: simple opush the main ON/Off buton through the fabrc of your shirt pocket- and your ready to go!

Now includes "QuiqFlare" personal safety flare attachment; Making you visible from over 1 mile away!