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QuiqLite is the perfect hands free LED light source for industrial works,  when you need a hands free light source  to get the job done! QuiqLite products will give you the freedom to preform many of your operations without having to hold a flashlight in your hand, under your arm or in your mouth, allowing you to work with both hands free. Simply attach QuiqLite onto the inside of your uniform shirt pocket or safety vest and with the push of a button (through the fabric) your ready to go! (Click on the below picture for more information on our products).

QuiqLiteX now includes the New QuiqFlare, your personal safety flare attachment, making you visible for up to 1.5 miles away when you need to be seen or found.


  • Maintenance repairs
  • Reading and Writing
  • Safety/Location Beacon
  • Marking  Hazards
  • Maneuvering in the dark
  • And Many More…


  • 20 up to 150 lumens (depending on model purchased)
  • Independent LED activation
  • Auto-Off 10 minute battery saving timer
  • Adjustable LED light arm
  • Strobe
  • 360 degree removable magnetic clip
  • Low profile design
  • Molle Webbing mountable
  • Long Battery Life

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